Travel Insurance

By Steve Underhill

Following a chance encounter whilst waiting for my appointment in the Hepatology Clinic, I thought I would produce this short letter to hopefully convince everybody that travel insurance was essential and that obtaining it for post-transplant patients was both achievable and affordable.

As I said I was in the waiting area for the Hepatology clinic when I started talking to a post liver transplant patient. She informed me that she would soon be going abroad on holiday but had not obtained travel insurance for herself or any of her family. She did not see this as a problem.

Please do not fall into this trap, holiday insurance is vital. A friend informed me not long ago that someone they knew had been on holiday abroad, they had liver problems and had fallen ill whilst away. They did not have travel insurance and the resultant cost of the required medical care and subsequent flights home to the UK exceeded £10,000.

Compare that to the cost of insurance and you can easily see which would have been the cheapest option.

I would also like to dispel certain myths that surround the obtaining of travel insurance for post transplant patients. I can tell you from personal experience that there are plenty of top quality travel insurance companies within the UK that are willing to insure post transplant patients for a surprisingly small fee.

Just to summarise;

Do your research carefully

Make sure that when you receive your travel documents that they clearly state what your medical history is or was.

I hope this will be of use and also quell any concerns you may have surrounding holidays and travel insurance

please be aware that Friends of Liver Lifeline will never recommend an insurance company but will pass on any good feed back

ultimately the choice is yours